Slots Myths Busted

MYTH: A slots parlor will bring much-needed economic development to the Green Island/Canal district area and to the City of Worcester.

FACT: According to a New England Public Policy Center report in 2006, 85% of patrons live locally. When money is spent at slots and is not spent on movies, local restaurants, appliances, and home improvement, it leaves the local economy. The Boston Business Journal wrote that the claim that casinos will create 20,000 new jobs “is bogus because the diversion of billions of dollars in one sector is destined to cause job losses in other sectors.

“It’s all about the money.” Boston Business Journal. December 21, 2007

MYTH: Those who don’t want a slots parlor are just “anti-gambling.”

FACT: The reasons for opposing a slots parlor are myriad, and range from the predatory effect on local businesses, to the rise in crime, to the increased traffic, to the rise in need for social service supports. As 90% of a slots parlor’s revenue is made from 10% of the patrons, these places prey on gamblers with an addiction. Rush Street Gaming has made a practice of marketing directly to these people. It’s not a game when it’s an addiction.

Binkley, Christina. Winner Takes All. 2008. page 184.
“Rush Street Gaming, would-be Worcester slots operator, hit with fines,” Worcester Telegram and Gazette. 4/3/2013.

MYTH: Neil Bluhm and Rush Street Gaming have a reputation for “developing quality projects.“

FACT: During the recent economic downturn, Mr. Bluhm walked away from a $2.9 billion loan on West Coast properties that had become worth significantly less. His investors lost 42 cents on every dollar they invested.

“A Rare Misstep for Tycoon Bluhm,” Crane’s Chicago Business. June 4, 2012

MYTH: There will be a “fair, democratic vote” if this goes to a referendum.

FACT: Last year’s Maryland referendum on gambling broke all records in spending. Any referendum will guarantee a flood of gaming money being spent on deceptive campaign ads to ensure a locally supportive vote.

”Casino referendum breaks all records in spending,” Baltimore Sun. October 9, 2012.

It’s important that we all learn the facts about slots parlors and Rush Street Gaming. For more myth-busting see United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts

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